EasyBCD 2.2 发布,增加多语言支持,支持windows8

在wndows众多的优化工具中,只有EasyBCD、Visual BCD Editor这仅有的两款工具可以编辑、优化和修复系统引导,EasyBCD在功能和易用性上则更胜Visual BCD Editor。
EasyBCD 2.2最新版本完全兼容windows8,并且加入了多语言支持,其中也包括简体中文。

EasyBCD 关键功能

  • 增加windows,MAc,Linux系统引导
  • 编辑、重命名和完全删除系统引导
  • 增加VHD,ISO引导
  • 重置系统引导数据配置
  • 备份和恢复引导管理器
  • 创建可引导媒介
  • EasyBCD 2.2更新内容

    New: EasyBCD Multi-Language Localization Support
    [EBCD-499] – New: Windows 8 support
    [EBCD-490] – New: Automatically create backup of BCD store the first time EasyBCD is run
    [EBCD-495] – New: Add VHDX support to EasyBCD
    [EBCD-504] – New: Volume licensing option for commercial edition
    [EBCD-493] – Fixed: EasyBCD doesn’t detect any entries if EFI bootmgr is installed
    [EBCD-494] – Fixed: EasyBCD does not properly interpret pae=yes or pae=no
    [EBCD-498] – Fixed: EasyBCD can’t exit when closing after unsafe removal of loaded USB
    [EBCD-499] – Fixed: EasyBCD hangs on Windows 8 w/ .NET 4
    [EBCD-500] – Fixed: Setting locale for VHD entry causes entry corruption
    [EBCD-502] – Fixed: Setting advanced settings for WinPE entry after creation corrupts entry
    [EBCD-485] – Separate the update info URIs for the commercial and community editions
    [EBCD-487] – EasyBCD picture in setup welcome screen
    [EBCD-488] – Use new EasyBCD and NeoSmart Technologies logos.
    [EBCD-491] – Date format in default EasyBCD backup filenames is YYYY-MM-DD regardless of locale for sort reasons
    [EBCD-492] – Append (#) to default EasyBCD backup name if already exists
    [EBCD-496] – Support High-Contrast Theme
    [EBCD-497] – High DPI support w/ translation UI
    [EBCD-501] – Faster enumeration of installed languages
    [EBCD-503] – Commercial version support for auto-updating
    [EBCD-505] – Support Gentoo Grub2
    [EBCD-506] – Support Fedora 17, Gentoo, and ArchLinux GRUB2 changes
    [EBCD-507] – EasyBCD can limit up to 99,999MiB of memory


    EasyBCD 2.2

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